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These companies use SugarCRM

Client: Tyson Foods
Client: Tetley
Client: Senheiser
Client: JEFO Nutrition
Client: ACTenviro
Client: Groupe CANAM

Top 5 things we like about SugarCRM

  1. Easy to use interface designed for non-technical users.
  2. “No touch CRM.” You can have external sources populate your CRM and voice command.
  3. Very flexible mobile version that provides customization and adapts to almost any business case.
  1. Sugar Discover. This time-bound analytics speaks to management. You don't need to be a data scientist to understand!
  2. SugarCRM offers personalization capabilities without needing any in-depth knowledge or an IT background.

Top 5 things we like about SugarMarket

  1. Simple and sophisticated email marketing tools
    Email Builder 2.0 and Nurture Builder 2.0. The drag and drop builders make it easy for anyone to design automated marketing campaigns.
  2. Drive inbound traffic with social and SEO tools
    Bring more visitors on digital platforms by optimizing search engines, creating paid and social ads.
  3. High-quality forms and landing page creation
    With the drag-and-drop functionality. Integrate forms and landing pages from SugarMarket to your Content Management System (CMS) easily.
  1. Lead Scoring
    Best-in-class lead scoring tool to generate marketing and sales insights.
  2. Advanced Analytics
    Visualize data with Advanced Analytics, a powerful tool that allows you to dig deeper into marketing metrics and have a better understanding of your database.
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