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CRM Strategy: Do you know your customers well?​

Published on October 21, 2016

5 minutes read
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You are already used to consolidate your database by adding listings of contacts. But in order to be successful with your marketing and sales campaigns, did you spend enough time to know well your prospects as well as your clients?

During the prospection, the follow-up, or the retention of an existing base, it is critical to know well your customer, which means that you necessarily need appropriate analysis tools and methods.

Step 1: Analyzing the typology of your prospects/clients

In order to analyze and filter your clients, various methods are available:

Demographic data analysis: Language, work and field of activity, region, etc.

Transactional data analysis: quantity, purchasing frequency, and the value of purchase of the orders from your clients.

Behavioural analysis: the interaction between your prospects/clients and the content published on your blog and the social medias. This would include as well feedback from your clients received by your sales force as well as the customer support.

Furthermore, during the creation of contact forms on your website, it will be important to include information which will help you to identify the typology of your clients and your prospects.

Step 2: Using the appropriate tool

Once the information has been collected, the appropriate tools must be used. Therefore, implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) will ease collecting, centralizing and using the information. By this way you will be able to:

  • – Identify the profitable clients,
  • – Offer and propose appropriate products and services to your clients,
  • – Optimize your marketing and sales operations.

  • Step 3: Segment in order to target effectively

Once you have categorized your prospects and clients according to various criteria, your segmentation will be more effective and cost-effective as never before. Practically your will be able to:

  • – Make your marketing campaign profitable by sending offers and content to the right people;
  • – Establish a win-win relationship with your clients;
  • – Anticipate the needs and the behaviour of your at-risk clients.

  • Step 4: Retain your existing clients in order to better serve them

By knowing the current and future needs of your clients, you will be able to better meet and even anticipate them. You will therefore be able to built a long-term trustful relationship. While using your CRM tool, you will also be able to feed it with data received from your clients. Finally, because everyone has an important role to play on clients retention, it is critical to sensibilise all the agents being in direct contact with your clients about adding relevant information into the system: your sales force as well as your customer support teams.

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