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Published on April 19, 2023

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by aligning systems and internal processes

+150% ​

in lead acquisition and prospecting


through automated business processes


Barrette Outdoor Living (BOL), established in 1975, is a leader in the outdoor living product industry, providing a diverse and flexible range of solutions that bring homeowners’ dreams to life. Their products are ingeniously designed and meticulously engineered to hold up to family, life, and nature — beautifully transforming any outdoor space. At the core of their business is a passionate team who takes great pride in craftsmanship and possesses a dedication to creating solutions according to professionals’ and homeowners’ demand.


BOL, saw a need for digitalizing and transforming their business and its processes to retain its competitive advantage in the industry. 

Since BOL has a complex structure that includes many brands, products, and countries – it became paramount to have an integrated system that would allow them to aggregate their business data and present a 360-degree view of their distributors, contractors and consumers.

They identified the need to start collecting meaningful data such as product registrations and corresponding warranty claims to have a better understanding of their product quality and issues and drive actionable insights from their end consumers (direct homeowners).

They also wanted to better understand and optimize their relationships with their retail partners, dealers, contractors, architects, etc. to identify opportunities to drive sales and revenue. 

Many processes such as bid for projects and follow-ups were done manually or on disparate tools, such as Excel sheets, making it difficult to collaborate internally and identify trends to make intelligent and timely decisions.

Although a strictly B2B retailed company, they saw a need for personalized and at-scale B2C communications, alongside their current B2B interactions. 

Being a small team that oversee international activities, they also wanted to automatize processes and communications to ensure their team’s time is spent on business objectives, rather than menial time-consuming tasks.



By implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, Barrette Outdoor Living modernizes its systems, internal operations and optimizes its sales and marketing activities. They were able to accelerate their motive to get closer to their end consumer while improving relationships with existing distributors, retailers, contractors, suppliers, and architects.


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