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Balancing Growth with Outstanding Customer Service using Manufacturing CRM

Published on January 31, 2024

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How manufacturing CRM enhanced Com-Pleat Filter’s customer experience and scalability


Com-Pleat Filters Inc., a B2B manufacturer based in Ontario, specializes in producing Servair Filters, a consumable spray booth filter widely used in the finishing industry’s manufacturing process. Unlike other spray booth manufacturers who apply a one-size-fits-all approach, Com-Pleat Filters Inc. stands out by recognizing that over 50% of spray booths require a customized filter based on their unique applications.  

Their mission is to provide customers with precisely tailored filters that meet their specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in the manufacturing environment. 

Summary of the project

As Com-Pleat Filters Inc. experienced significant growth, maintaining their commitment to personalized customer service became challenging. Seeking to align their scalable solutions with this growth, they turned to Solutions Metrix for a tailored Creatio implementation of CRM.  

Solutions Metrix customized the solution, facilitating easy tracking of customer history and automated, personalized communication. The manufacturing CRM implementation addressed challenges related to product disposability, enabling better production cycle planning and automated notifications about low stock based on previous order frequency.  

This custom manufacturing CRM solution also streamlined capturing customer data, incidents, resolutions, and monetary impacts in one centralized system, reflecting each of their customers’ uniqueness.  

Com-Pleat Filters Inc. gained enhanced efficiency, customer satisfaction, and strategic planning through their Creatio implementation of manufacturing CRM with Solutions Metrix. 

“It’s all working out very well for us. [CRM] allows us to communicate with all our customers effectively, and way better than we can do on our own. You guys really came through and solved all of our issues!”

Brad Wilson
President of Com-pleat Filters Inc. 




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