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Webinar: Transform Your Manufacturing Business With Microsoft Power Platform

WebinarsCRM BenefitsJuly 14th 2022

Power Platform is Microsoft’s answer to complex business solutions. In an era of data-driven decisions and empowerment, Microsoft Power Platform is here to change the manufacturing landscape from paperwork and legacy systems to intelligent apps and cloud-based AI.

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Webinar: Tech Trends in The Retail Industry

WebinarsCRM BenefitsJune 30th 2022

CRM systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated with innovations such as smart checkouts, store management, and augmented reality. Watch the webinar to learn how new CRM features and tech trends are improving retailer efficiency and helping consumers enjoy a smoother shopping experience

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Webinar: Policy-Driven to Customer-Centric in the Insurance Industry

WebinarsCRM BenefitsJune 22nd 2022

It is paramount to focus on the customer in today's insurance industry first and foremost. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, insurance agencies can implement a robust digital transformation initiative to streamline critical processes such as policy renewal, claims management, and onboarding.

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Webinar: Future CRM trends in 2022

WebinarsCRM BenefitsJune 15th 2022

Future CRM trends in 2022   Being Up To Date On CRM Software. The New Trends For 2022 92% of businesses say that CRM is a crucial tool in achieving their revenue goals. Growing adoption of CRM software, sharper insights powered by AI, and more sophisticated data integration are all examples of the future of […]

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Webinar: Demystifying Digital Transformation for Museums and Cultural Venues

WebinarsCRM BenefitsJune 15th 2022

Demystifying Digital Transformation for Museums and Cultural Venues Well-managed culture venues and museums can reap rich rewards. Inefficient processes and data silos can lead to missed opportunities and lost revenue. Discover how a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can provides the insights and strategies you need to manage your customer relationships more effectively, increase visitors, […]

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Press Release: Geloso Group to Level Up their Customer Experience with Creatio and their Level 5 partner Solutions Metrix

Press ReleasesSolutions Metrix News & EventsJune 15th 2022

Geloso Group, a Leading Beverage Manufacturer in North America, to Level Up their Customer Experience with Creatio and their Level 5 partner Solutions Metrix. The Canadian Leader in the production of alcoholic malt beverages chooses Creatio and Solutions Metrix to enhance customer satisfaction and improve employee experience.

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Press Release: Solutions Metrix achieves level 5 Partnership with Creatio

Press ReleasesSolutions Metrix News & EventsMay 20th 2022

Montreal, QC [May 23, 2022] – Solutions Metrix is excited to announce its new Partnership level with best-in-class No-Code CRM Platform Creatio. We’re delighted to have reached the 5th level Partnership with Creatio, a global vendor of one platform to automate industry workflows and CRM with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom.

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Webinar: Realities and trends in the pharmaceutical industry

WebinarsCRM BenefitsApril 27th 2022

Realities and trends in the pharmaceutical industry Learn how Creatio’s no-code CRM solutions can improve your marketing efforts and day-to-day operations. As physicians become more tech-savvy, there is even more reason for reps to leverage the benefits of implementing a CRM system to: analyze data and process customer profiles, perform predictive analysis plan for strategic […]

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Article: Pharma Persona Challenges

ArticlesCRM BenefitsApril 15th 2022

Pharmaceutical representatives face several persona-based challenges. The pharmaceutical landscape has changed. As a result, sales reps’ roles evolve because of provider consolidation, an increasingly savvy consumer base, and regulatory pressure.

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Article: Realities & Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry

ArticlesCRM IndustriesApril 11th 2022

Remote healthcare has surged after COVID-19 as providers and patients sought ways through which they can safely deliver or access medicine. In 2020, remote healthcare increased up to 78% from February to April and up to 38% overall during the pandemic. Consumers are now more interested in telehealth, and providers are also more focused on providing remote healthcare. Moreover, this trend has emerged due to specific regulatory changes.

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Article: What Is Marketing Automation and How Does It Work?

ArticlesMarketing AutomationMarch 29th 2022

Businesses that use AI and automation reap rewards that include higher revenues, lower costs, improved customer satisfaction, and even better employee morale. Check out the details about some specific benefits associated with marketing automation here.

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Creatio Freedom release - header image

Article: Creatio Presents Its Major Platform Update, 8.0 Atlas, to Build Applications and Workflows with No-Code and a Maximum Degree of Freedom

ArticlesSolutions Metrix News & EventsFebruary 9th 2022

Learn how Creatio Freedom empowers your business to build no-code applications, automate workflows, and create new customer experiences!

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