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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools empower businesses to optimize their digital sales funnel, drive customer engagement and boost lead generation–just to name a few advantages. Find out all about how marketing automation transforms your business from the inside out.

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Article: 7 Ways Microsoft Power Platform Can Solve Manufacturing Industry Challenges

ArticlesCRM BenefitsJuly 6th 2022

In an era of data-driven decisions and empowerment, Microsoft Power Platform is here to change the manufacturing landscape from paperwork and legacy systems to intelligent apps and cloud-based AI.

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Article: Marketing – A New Way To Engage With Doctors And Patients

ArticlesCRM BenefitsMay 3rd 2022

As the world moves quickly, new options arise for people to explore. Digital marketing has opened up endless possibilities and opportunities to stand out from competitors. It has grown exponentially over the pandemic years. In this article, we will look at easier ways for people to engage with doctors.

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Ebook: Realities and trends in the pharmaceutical industry

eBooksCRM BenefitsApril 15th 2022

As physicians are becoming more tech-savvy, companies and their sales reps have even more reason to harness the advantages of implementing a CRM system to transform their business into a digital-first company to increase revenue opportunities and sales

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Article: What Is Marketing Automation and How Does It Work?

ArticlesMarketing AutomationMarch 29th 2022

Businesses that use AI and automation reap rewards that include higher revenues, lower costs, improved customer satisfaction, and even better employee morale. Check out the details about some specific benefits associated with marketing automation here.

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Article: Six Strategies to Masterful Marketing

ArticlesMarketing AutomationDecember 2nd 2021

Bring you business to the next level with masterful marketing strategies The difference between a good B2B marketer and a great one resides in the ability to understand the big picture of reaching your target buyers. Things get even more complicated if you have limited resources. You must think twice and make the right choice […]

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Solutions Metrix team

Article: Marketing and Sales: How to Be Better Together

ArticlesMarketing AutomationNovember 3rd 2021

Work together for better results The post-pandemic era has created unique challenges for marketing and sales teams unfamiliar with remote work and those who traditionally relied on face-to-face interaction with customers. With marketing under more pressure to impact revenue and sales needing new ways to approach customers, we can safely assume the solution resides in […]

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Lead Generation —5 Errors to be Avoided

Article: Lead Generation — 5 Errors to be Avoided

ArticlesMarketing AutomationFebruary 26th 2021

Find the right CRM platform to do lead generation As the manager of sales and business development, the lead generation is your daily challenge. To reach your objectives, you are constantly hunting leads that will then need to go through a filter process to qualify them, so you can eventually convert them into opportunities with […]

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Article: Turning Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine

ArticlesMarketing AutomationJanuary 12th 2018

Make sure you website is ready before you get more leads Today’s buyer has virtually unlimited access to information. They have the power to find and discover products at their convenience and direct their own paths to purchase. Buyers mainly do this online, which means that your website has become your most valuable marketing asset. […]

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Differences between CRM and marketing automation

Article: CRM Tools: Differences Between CRM and Marketing Automation

ArticlesMarketing AutomationDecember 10th 2017

Sales vs Marketing It’s not always easy to find the way within the wide range of software, between the different approaches and applications of client information systems. In this article we will clarify the nature and the utility of these two main families of software in order differentiate CRM and marketing automation. The Importance of […]

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The marketing evolution

Article: Why Marketing Automation is Important

ArticlesMarketing AutomationMarch 28th 2017

Marketing, as many other industries, is taking advantage from the technological breakthroughs of our time. Automation is taking over many types of tools, from household appliance and energy consumption to cars. Marketing is also part of the industries being changed, for the best of your marketing projects. In this article we will detail you the […]

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