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Our goals

Our inception process objectives aim at understanding the overarching goals of the CRM project and outline its critical success criteria. We aspire to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in building a strategic and prioritized CRM roadmap for the organization involving resource usage and project costs. Finally, we establish work relationships and models with the customer to secure a smooth implementation.

Our approach

Solutions Metrix adopts a project-based approach that covers the following:

  • Build an agenda for the inception phase up-front (4 to 6 weeks) and share it with the client.
  • Perform a series of intensive workshops initiating at the management vision and mapping it to the business capabilities.
  • Perform workshops around IT requirements and non-functional needs.
  • Perform workshops around required integrations to ensure data availability.
  • Deep dive into identifying the existing pain points to identify opportunities.
  • Expose the business to CRM best practices.

Our deliverables

Once the inception phase is completed, we provide a full-day workshop displaying our inception deliverables to the customer outlining the plan ahead. The documents that we provide are the following:

  • A business capabilities report to outline all the aspects of CRM implementation.
  • Release plan for the entire project.
  • Resource allocations (both on the client side and the implementation team).
  • A document presenting the processes and functions.
  • (Fr) Une documentation sur les exigences non fonctionnelles.
  • Non functional requirements documentation.
  • Implementation statement of work.
  • Architecture handbook.
  • CRM instructions demo.
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