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CRM Tools: How to Evaluate the ROI of a Good CRM​

Published on February 19, 2024

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CRM has become a big part of most corporate companies. It is a useful tool in improving the relationship between the company and its clients. Most of the general public, however, does not know what CRM is all about. This article is meant to explain how one can evaluate the ROI of a good CRM. The initial ROI stands for Return on Investment. This means that if you were to introduce CRM to your company, you will have to contact the company CFO. As you can see, CRM not only involves the customer service but it also affects the company’s growth. Putting a good CRM system in place will cost money and most businesses need to gain this money back. A good CRM system should have reasonable ROI and it should help to calculate your benefits, give accurate budgets, and even reduce resources. This ends up saving the company a lot of money.

Why you have to calculate your CRM ROI?

Calculating ROI is essential in a company since it is the only way that the company will know if the project they are investing in is worth the money. If it is not, then this project is usually abandoned. When calculating the ROI, the company has to decide on a budget and think of the money they will use to start the project. For example, they will need to buy new equipments, open new offices, increase their staff, and other changes in the company. These changes will all need a substantial amount of money. Every company has to account for any and all money used. So if the company invests in CRM and it has low returns, they will have incurred huge losses. This is why evaluating the ROI of a good CRM is important.

CRM ROI Methodology

Different companies use different methodologies to evaluate the ROI of their CRM systems. One common method is by using the client satisfaction metrics. It is believed that the ROI of the CRM shows the effectiveness of the system. This is however debatable. Most companies use this methodology as it is easy and clear for everyone to understand. In this method, you check on how the CRM has improved customer service. If it has increased customer satisfaction considerably, it is expected that the ROI will also be impressive.

There have been debates on whether this method actually works or not. For some companies, the decision to start the CRM project has proved useful. However, due to the insecurities, there are some companies that have abandoned their CRM projects due to low ROI.

The main issue that affects the ROI of the CRM is a business plan and the software used. The business plan is what will fund the project whereas the software will make the CRM work well. There is a lot of CRM software that have been released over the years and some of them are not genuine. As a company, you should ensure that you get the right software. The wrong one will definitely disappoint you and therefore you will not see the benefits of the project. However, choosing the right software will enable you to not only have better customer service but also to increase the returns of your company.


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