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What is the Best CRM Platform For Your Business?​

Published on July 15, 2021

8 minutes read
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A CRM software is vital to your company, but which one should you choose?

CRM is a software that helps businesses manage customer interactions and leads. Every business needs a CRM software as it can significantly improve business processes and performance. It can help businesses effectively manage their operations. 

How to choose a CRM platform? Below are the best platforms that we recommend for your business. Kindly review each one to help you determine which one is suitable for you. 

SugarCRM CRM software

PCMag rated SugarCRM the highest in customer satisfaction for a reason. Apart from offering a powerful CRM to small businesses, they were also commended for being highly reliable and professional. Sugar is also a flexible CRM, and it’s easy to configure, making it easy to customize the system complete with all the tools your business needs. 

You can automate your sales, marketing, and customer support in one package with affordable pricing. There are no hidden fees, and Sugar offers loads of benefits to business owners. 

With SugarCRM — you can customize, configure, integrate and deploy features easily. Your data is highly secured with SugarCRM as they are fairly strict with security policies. To help businesses stay productive, you can connect with the CRM network even without an internet connection. It will update automatically once connected. 

Sugar aims to help businesses maintain productivity and maximize revenue as well. With their flexible process and solutions, your small business should be able to achieve its main objectives — to generate more revenue and offer top-notch customer service. 

Creatio CRM software

The Creatio CRM software is ideal for small, midsize and large corporations because they offer both CRM and BPM capabilities. It’s highly customizable, allowing businesses to create their own processes and manage them accordingly. It’s both on-site and cloud-based, making it ideal for all types of businesses, huge corporations. You simply select the type of deployment option suitable for your business needs and one that aligns with your company objectives. 

The Marketing functionality allows businesses to manage even complex marketing campaigns across all channels, helping you reach out to your target audience. It’s easy to manage your leads, so you know who is ready to buy, who still needs more information, or what leads to pursue in the future. You can set up personalized campaigns or do email marketing. With the Sales functionality, you can efficiently manage all workflows and business processes. It features analytic functions and forecasting to help businesses view the sales metrics. If you’re in the Service industry, your team members can access all customer data in one place, making it easier to improve customer service. 

Creatio can provide your business with the best tools to help you achieve your goals. It’s cost-effective and can be used both as a bundle and stand-alone solutions. 

Salesforce CRM software

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM system, which means there is no need for a costly server or to hire staff to maintain it. When it comes to its user interface, Salesforce is the easiest to use as they have upgraded the layouts and other features. If your staff needs assistance on using Salesforce, there’s no need to hire another consultant for training; you can get a highly qualified Salesforce admin to help. 

You can easily set up Salesforce, making it ideal for all types of businesses, especially those new to CRM. With just one click, you can easily customize the platform, helping you to easily shift workflows or add modules. 

All departments will have a 360-degree view of your customers. Whether you are in the marketing or admin department, you can view all customer data. Also, it’s easy to integrate Salesforce with 3rd party apps such as Google Cloud, MailChimp and Zendesk. 

Additionally, it’s mobile-friendly, making it highly convenient. Whether you are in the comfort of your own home, or at a coffee shop, you can easily connect to Salesforce. It’s one software that does it all. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is efficient in managing customer relationships in one application. It can provide your business with real-time business insights and data-driven tools that can help grow your business. It’s a cloud-based CRM software that offers flexible pricing to users. Also, you’ll only be paying for the application that you use, making it cost-effective. 

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can take your business everywhere. It’s available for iOS, Windows and Android, helping your team members become more productive. 

You can easily integrate it with other platforms such as Outlook, Word or Excel. Also, it has an excellent user interface. If you’re a Windows user, using Dynamics will be a cinch. 

What CRM Software is Right For You

Choosing the right CRM platform can be overwhelming and stressful. Before signing up, we recommend identifying your company’s main objectives first and determining what tools you need to achieve these goals. Review all the features of each CRM to help narrow down your choices. Do you need help choosing the best CRM for your business? Book a free consultation with us. 


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