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Dominating the pharma industry with a powerful CRM solution​

Published on February 11, 2021

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The revolutionizing nature of the pharma industry is challenging today’s sales representatives to be faster, sharper, and authentic. In order to meet such demands, they rely on elite, progressive CRM applications that are specifically tailored to their reality. To be highly efficient and attain ambitious objectives, they need to be more proficient in the areas we have covered below.

Plan and achieve strategic goals

Sales executives need to utilize new customer management models like key opinion leader and key account management in order to stay on top. Some key features include functions to manage accounts, contacts, and product planning (short, medium and long-term) and real-time analytics.

Securely manage complex customers

A good platform offers a complete view of the customer for a better comprehension of hospitals, physicians, key accounts, and key opinion leader relationships. Some key features include contact and account affiliations, integrated analytics for customer insight, and role-based and user-based access control.

Improve the impact of customer events and education

Event management is vital in the pharmaceutical industry. A good CRM platform offers resources to manage integrated medical education events including targeting prospects and attendance management. Some key features include sales rep-driven local event management, invitee management, medical education event and invitee import and audit trail support, CME credit seminars, and a display of events in the sales rep calendar.

Streamline activity creation

The best tailored CRM platforms offer a “Smart Calls” function which helps representatives become more efficient with frequently used call data associated with new product launches or campaigns so their time can be put to better use. Some key features include auto call and mass planned call, a Smart Call template support, pre-built subject area for historical reporting, the ability to capture structured product messaging information as call objectives, next call objectives and outcomes.

Mass planned call navigation and user interface

Sales reps are daunted by tasks where time is highly valued. When meeting with physicians, obtaining signatures, delivering samples, and detailing products, these tasks need proper planning, logging, and execution. A CRM platform reduces the time spent on such tasks.

Activity-based survey support

To allow for proper tracking, pharma-based CRMs’ Leads, Opportunities, Service Requests, and Contacts have been supercharged to allow sales and marketing managers to create activity-based surveys. Look for a solution that streamlines the capture of assessments by using radio buttons and drop downs, allowing for more effective and standardized survey documentation.

Automate and improve samples management

Modern pharma CRMs also offer multitenancy aimed at larger companies, which may have multiple lines of business or territories. Each line of business may also have unique allocation rules that can be managed individually in a central system. This system allows the administrator to create a book hierarchy, then link it with associated allocations, sample inventory, sample transactions, and so on.

Integrated sales and marketing

The best CRM platforms today allow new leads like medical providers seeking pharmaceutical information to be nurtured automatically by marketing automation modules until they are ready to connect with a sales rep. Some key features include digital content management, messaging plan assembly, automated program design, conditional and trigger-based messaging.

New features maximizing efficiency, knowledge and planning.

Applications need to evolve to meet specific trends and approaches as they develop. Newer trends aim at improving mass call planning capabilities and seamless integrations with reps’ calendars to plan activities weeks, even months, in advance. Most modern applications aim at combining planning capabilities with automated post call retroaction surveys at both the contact and account levels for sales teams to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and sustain their efforts. Not to mention our CRM solution for pharma provides a powerful, always available, mobile interface.

Low-code CRM Platform

Creatio has built a platform ready for pharma with all the features and functions we’ve mentioned. It is definitely a CRM platform to consider! To find out more about it, you can download our free e-book.


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