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CRM – An Indispensable Tool for the Sustainability of Your Organization​

Published on February 11, 2024

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At a glance:


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a set of systems for optimizing and maintaining relationships between a company and their customers, which develops loyalty and increases company revenue.

CRM implementation allows each department within an organization to reach system information and offer better customer service by offering products or services best adapted to the customer’s expectations.

Customer Relationship Management – A necessity for all your organization activities

CRM allows for better coordination between different departments (sales, customer service, marketing), centralized commercial and marketing operations in the same software, and better marketing campaign management and data analysis. Here some examples, which prove that you really need a CRM:

  • Your sale team leads several actions, but you don’t know how to measure their impact.
  • You have several databases such as Prospects and Customers, and you do not know when the best moment is to contact them or when was the last time that a commercial or marketing action was focused on them.
  • With the rotation of your employees, you often find yourselves in awkward situations in which you can’t manage or follow-up with your customers.

CRM Implementation – Only advantages for your organization

Increase customer loyalty:

With better database management and improved follow-up on sales and customers’ requests, a CRM system is the best solution for listening to customers’ needs and suggesting the best products and services adapted to customer requirements.

Data centralization and the standardization of the working processes:

By grouping all operations into a single software, each area of your organization has more control over each aspect of your operations.

Increase productivity

CRM implementation allows you to automate different departments of your organization (sales, customer service, marketing, etc.) while optimizing your marketing spend.

Better communication between departments:

CRM implementation allows you to strengthen communication and collaboration between different departments like sales, marketing, and customer service.

Different CRM tools – Which one to choose?

There are several CRM tools on the market. A CRM integrator is the ideal person to help you to find the solution that corresponds best your needs. To help you decide here is a comparison of CRM solutions to download:


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