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One-to-one personalized marketing and growth marketing to increase b2b2c and e-commerce sales

Published on January 30, 2023

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Real-time insightful marketing to grow engagement


In lead acquisition (paid and organic)


Focused on customer relationship and loyalty


NAOS is an international company operating in the retail cosmetics and beauty industry and is a purpose-driven company with a mission, inspired by a claimed humanist utopia. Home to well-known and mainstream dermatological brand Bioderma and the luxury, niche professional brand Esthederm, as well as the personalized indie brand Etat Pur, they hold a status of a major international figure in Skincare and are found in over 130 countries around the world.


NAOS North America is the corporate entity of two major brands; Bioderma and Esthederm. The Canadian subsidiary handles the North American market, hence Canada and the USA. Each market offers its own products, services and customer experience.

As an international company, there was a need to align with international guidelines, while staying true to its North American needs.

There was also a strong necessity to grow digitally, as the retail and beauty market is highly reliant on E-Commerce and E-Retail.

In 2018, we started the digital transformation and growth marketing project with NAOS, with the launch of their Sugar Market project. Fast forward to today, with their growing success, our collaboration continues with the launch of their Salesforce (Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud) project.

When we started the project, the main goal was to grow their 1st-party data, given that all client data was held by their retail partners, and they could not speak directly to their clients. 

As their database grew, we also found the need to grow their communication and engagement.

We also flagged the need to digitalize internal processes to streamline activities, save time and better communicate with their clients.

As many of their systems were not integrated, it was impossible to have a single’s 360 view of their customers, their interest and preference.



Solutions Metrix applied its expertise in close collaboration with the NAOS team, ensuring the success of the marketing automation implementation

Through this project, NAOS increased its database through many initiatives, allowing them to grow its 1-to-1 communication and better understand its consumers.  With that growth, they were able to increase conversion and ultimately increase their D2C revenue.

As NAOS grew and its marketing objectives changed, our agile methodology allowed us to realign our implementation and deliver the highest value for them.


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