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Published on January 19, 2023

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by increasing communication and visibility of referral program


through end-to-end communications


through advanced analytics of campaigns, data and strategies


President Door-Windows (PDW) is a leader in the installation of doors and windows in the Quebec market. They primarily operate in the B2C renovation industry and has created a UVP; they are the only window on the Québec market that blends an insulating-foam injected PVC frame with a sealed unit that’s highly energy-efficient. They offer a one-of-a-kind product in Québec and provide energy-efficient performance that’s second to none.


PDW, although a leader in the windows and door market, have heavily relied on traditional ways of recruiting consumers; telemarketing, cold calls and door-to-door services.

They are now facing a new reality; in order to grow exponentially, they need to integrate a digital component to their strategies, alongside their traditional ways, in order to cater to both an older generation and a new up-and-coming crowd of younger, tech-savvy homeowners.

Their product technology speaks for itself in regard to staying ahead of the curve and being innovative, but their processes and ways of communicating also need to be at the forefront and utilize digital and integrated technologies in order to keep up with growing demands and the specific expectations of their clientele.

As things were previously done via phone calls and on paper, they found the need to digitalize their processes. They had two main objectives; better nurture and engage from lead to conversion, and increase post-purchase automated follow-ups, to accompany the client through the process of their renovation and reduce the stress on the rep or salesperson to manually follow up constantly with the client.

Given that people only renovate windows and doors once in the lifetime of a homeowner, replenishment was not something relevant for PDW, however, cross-selling to those who renovated one of their service, or partially-renovated was important.

Finally, they wanted to increase referencing to friends and family members to increase sales and revenue from one client.



Solutions Metrix applied its expertise and, in close collaboration with the PDW team, ensuring the success of this project by reaching its marketing goals and objectives

Through this project, PDW gained a better understanding of their clients, and their communication touch points across the buyers’ journey and optimized the marketing and sales team’s time by automating communications and activities

They also ensure complete analysis of their campaigns to ensure continuous growth and engagement


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